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Date Site Visited 2012/04/01
Report entered by : erwin Korner
Membership: I'm a visitor
Contact Number: 0767975117
Your E Mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resort Name: tshauchab river camp
Nearest Town maltahoehe, sossusvlei, nowhereland
Signposting OK
Approach Road Gravel Good
Height Clearance: Good
Security: Non existend
Staff Courtesy: Good
Site Size Big
Site Cleanliness: Clean
Site Level: Level
Site Shade: Excellent
Site Grass: None
Are Dogs Allowed ? No
Electricity: No
Electricity Supply: Not available
Electricity Nearness Not Available
Water Nearness: 10 m
Ablution Blocks: Excellent
Price per Night: More than 200 Rands
Rated For: Pensioner
Your Comments on the Experience at the Camping Site on the road again 30 April 2012
first day past rehoboth to the Naukluft, backroads past connys restaurant wehre we had a lovely tea and sandwich and of course the philosovhical remorse about old age. poor conny has a large farm near soussusvlei. a few houses in windhoek and the restaurant in nowhere and has lost her husband, the kids probably not caring much about the mother. lonlieless pure.
finally we arrived in the "Naukluft park" run by the NWR. 
absolutely fascinating countryside with really deep gorges (kluft in german) wherfrom it gets its name. we tried the water trail but the river was still flowing and with the trail following the river this was at stages not possible, so than we decided to take the olive trail, which was a bit further away. lovely
there is also an old 4x4 trail, which must have been the old road the farmer there must have made with enourmous effort, digging into the sheer impassible mountain and fillind up where driving would have been impossible without the effort. unfortunately these old tracks are not maintained now that NWR owns the park and one can only walk these tracks and marvel at the labour that must have gone into maintaining these tracks in the old days when there were no diggers and all the modern conveniances available today, and still there is no effort done nowadays with all the modern machinery to at least only maintain, never mind build, these tracks. what a sorry state of affairs, and millions of unemployed and money to waste on modern conveniences.
the next morning, after packing we made our way to tsauchab rivier camp which is in private hands. just the opposite. the landscape not as spectacular, but the campsite and sevice immaculate. personal fascilities, absolutely private, excellent service with a "donkey" fired up and candels lit all around the campsite. unfortunately no electricity.
the following day we had a long road ahead of us, along the namib escarpement with the most beautiful road, the 707 to aus. before aus the road became a little difficult as they had 150 mm of rain in 2 hours whereas they normally have 90 mm of rain in a whole year. but time and time again, this road is magic with the blue and green mountains rising out of the desertlandscape on the one side and the red and green and brown desert to the other side. grass waving their silver stems with quite a few springbocks and a lot of birds.
aus being the last old time "dorp" before you hit the long stretch to Rosh pina was quite, but we got a drop of diesel for the car and even some money and an ice cream.
we sholud have camped there, but it  eing 4 in the afternoon we decided to press on to Rosh pina, where we were going to camp over. didnt work out, we went on further to the border crossing at Sendlingsdrift and camped outside the customs border point. lovely scenery to wake ut to the next morning and thr river was too high flowing to cross, so we had to carry on to noerdoewer along the oranje. what luck, that road is beautiful, we met one car in 3 hours and stopped a couple of times for photos and admired the masses of water pouring from the Fish river into th Oranje. lucky there was a bridge built an the Fish river had subsided to be able to just pass on the new bridge. on the other side there was still a sign saying "road closed"
through the borderposts on to springboch where we filled up the car, fridge and stomach at the Namastat camping site outside springbock which is a very reasonably priced site with electricity and all " moderen" conveniances after after all the material forebearance we had to endure on our travels in Namibia.