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Question: What is motorhome holiday exchange?
Answer:  Motorhome holiday exchange is a mutual agreement of the following kind.
An local MCSA member with Club insurance cover can negotiate with a foreign motorhomer owning an insured motorhome abroad to swop use of vehicles, so that the MCSA member has a motorhome holiday abroad, and the foreign motorhomer has a South African motorhoming holiday here.
  • The MCSA is not involved in the mutual contract between the two persons. It is the member's responsibility to check the bona fides of the foreign party
  • It should be a genuine swop; ie both holidays have parity in value, and no money is paid from either party to the other. Payment of any kind will constitute motorhome hire, which is prohibited by recreational insurance cover. You will be liable if you are caught playing skellem on this.
  • The two participants need to consult their respective insurance brokers to sort out the arrangement, and an additional premium payment for this special extension to the two existing policies for the swop periods will be needed.
  • Get yourself an international driving permit from the AA, and check for its validity in the countries in which you intend to travel.
  • Check that there will be no problems if you intend crossing customs/immigration borders on the motorhome route.
Advantages: This can save you a lot of money on an overseas trip
Disadvantages: If you involve yourself with someone who does not treat your motorhome like you do, then you could lose out on the deal.