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Motorhomes, Driver's Licences, and Motorhome Mass .


Question: Is it the tare mass or GVM of a motorhome that will determine whether a Class B or a Class C1 driver's licence is required to drive this motorhome?


Answer: It is the tare mass. If this is less that 3500 kg, you may drive it with a light vehicle (Code B or EB) driver's licence, even if the GVM exceeds 3500 kg. If the tare exceeds 3500 kg, then a Code C1 driver's licence must be held.


Why: Because the GVM is not relevant to the driver's licence code in cases where the vehicle has not been constructed for the purpose of carrying goods.


Reference documents:


         Transportation Act's definition of a motorhome – Click (Definitions.pdf)


         Types of drivers' licences – Click (Reg 99 licence type.pdf)


         Explanatory letter – Click (Alta Swanepoel Document.pdf)

 Additional correspondence:    Click (legal letter licences.pdf)

Assistance in providing this information for members has been kindly provided by Dennis Bouwers of  Motorhome World. Professional legal assistance is available from Alta Swanepoel & Associates using the contact information provided in the explanatory letter.


Caution: Loading a motorhome over the plated GVM, or towing a mass that results in a total combined mass that exceeds the plated Gross Combination Mass (GCM) are overloading violations that can lead to severe penalties. Those towing motor cars should beware, as the added mass could be a 1000 kg or more. Driver's licence class has no bearing on this matter.