Hope you are all doing well.


Thank you for your participation in making our hobo party a memorable

occasion. We had good reports from various sources. We would appreciate

your participation in future events.


We are thinking of having periodic auctions at future rallies in order

to meet certain needs that have been brought to our attention.


The following procedures are to be followed:


1.  You can bring various items such as camping equipment, fishing

equipment, household goods, tools, even furniture. Should an item be too

large to transport, you can bring good clear photos for display.


2.  Should you wish to buy/sell physically unseen goods from a photo, we

will put you in contact with the seller/buyer. It is your responsibility

to then conclude the deal and give the "auctioneer" all the relevant



3.  Electric/electronic appliances must be in good working order.


4.  Homemade and handmade items such as craft, bottled preserves and

baked goods can also be brought for sale.


5.  The owner of an item may put a reserve price on the item to be



6.  A 15% commission will be applicable to all sales which is to be paid

into our Motorhome Committee fund.


7.  You are of course welcome to donate the item/s in which case the

funds will all go the our Motorhome Committee fund.


Our first auction will be on Saturday 13 March at 17h00 following which

our traditional 18h00 Bring and Braai will take place.


Motorhome regards,